The mineral water from the Sonnenstein® spring is known as primary water, has a hexagonal crystalline structure – and rises up through a sandstone formation. Its unspoiled nature and maturity mean it is naturally exceptional.

Sonnenstein® mineral water is naturally pure primary water – from deep below the earth’s surface, geologically protected from environmental influences. In order to perfectly preserve these valuable characteristics, Sonnenstein® mineral water is carefully collected, filled into bottles without using pressure and delivered to you in a glass bottle: natural, unspoiled and pure – fresh from the spring.


The source is situated at the gateway to Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains – just above a romantic little town. Here, in an idyllic park in the Sonnenstein Castle grounds, the mineral water is collected from the Sonnenstein® spring.

The primary water comes directly from the crystalline bedrock of Saxon Switzerland, on the edge of the Eastern Ore Mountains. Protected approx. 80 metres underground, it has no connection to the surface of the earth and is naturally mineralised on its way to the spring.

Sonnenstein® mineral water is primary water, which means it has never come into contact with the earth’s surface and its water cycle. It is completely free of any harmful substances and is filled into bottles under its own pressure, without it being adversely affected by strong electromagnetic fields – essentially by hand.


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Pure, pristine mineral water.

* in a homeopathically relevant dosage